Charles Dolbel – EcoBalloon Artist

CharlesDolbel Parade Unicycling


Starting as a circus artist and fire performer, Charles felt compelled to look for an environmentally-friendly entertainment to offset his fire-performing, and chose Ecoballoon Art over 20 years ago.  He is now an award-winning, high-profile EcoBalloon artist in Auckland, New Zealand.

All our decor services and most of our Ecotwisting is proudly 100% Zero-Waste.

All our EcoBalloons are naturally-sourced tree sap, biodegradable, compostable and most are Rainforest Alliance certified.  The trees are tapped,  leaving the tree unharmed, using a process that is over a hundred years old.  As the plantation is a rainforest species, the plantations even provide a stable habitat for displaced rainforest creatures and create sustainable, eco-friendly employment.  As with all plant products, EcoBalloons are made from carbon the tree have absorbed from the air, so each one is a little carbon sink!

Our clients include    Weta Digital,    Auckland Museum,    Westpac,    Unilever,     NZ Transport Agency,   Netball NZ    and    Living Green NZ.

Book Charles HERE for EcoEntertainment for corporates and private functions, choreographed fire shows, film and TV work and stunning Zero-Waste EcoBalloon decor.