Lagenda BalloonTwister Pump


The best electric pump I have used for inflating 260’s.

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So far, this appears to be the best electric inflator I have used.  I did 10 gigs on a single charge and still had not used up all the battery.  It is quiet compared to other electric inflators we have used, powerful enough to do double-stuffed 160’s and tripled stuffed 5″ rounds with ease.

We used my first one, urchased in 2015, and still going as at the end of 2019, for the Auckland Big Build day for 11″ rounds.  It is a little slower than the plug-in décor pumps and considerably quieter too.  It handled itself really well, which surprised us, as no other battery twister-pumps we’ve used have ever been able to handle any volume of 11″ rounds.

Note: This was a test to see how it handled harder work than the twisting EcoBalloons it is designed for.  This is not a décor pump and the 2 year on-site warranty will be voided if used for décor.

We aim to road test each individual pump as they come in, so if you need multiple pumps, please give us a few weeks extra notice so we have time to test them.  So far, all have passed with flying colours.

  •  We offer a 2 year New Zealand warranty for parts and labour, excluding shipping.
  • This pump is designed for the skinny 160 and 260 EcoBalloons and for 5″ rounds.
  •  Our warranty assumes a duty of care after purchase, including protection from impacts, ensuring the vents are not obstructed, used in a dry, non-dusty environment and that the case remains un-opened.
  • Please read and follow all information in the manual, and pay special attention to ensuring the battery is charged/discharged regularly. 
  • If you prefer a lower-care product, we highly recommend the manually operated Filbert Floor Pump.  The Filbert is noticeably faster than this Lagenda to fully inflate 260s.