Delivered Standard Eco-Birthday-Party



Completely contact-free, add joy, colour and smiles with our drop-off only party package!

  •  All inflation by our professional mechanical and electrical pumps.
  • Up to 8 smaller, and always amazing, EcoBalloon designs for other guests at the party, created over 1.5 hours.  The less guests, the fancier and more complex the sculptures will be.
  • 50 pre-inflated, untwisted EcoBalloons for guests to make their own designs etc.
  • A $20 store-credit for sending back the delivery bags, and the deflated EcoBalloons back to us so we can compost them in our home compost.  There is no time limit for this return.

Additional Package Benefits for All Event Bookings

  • No other bookings 1.5 hours before or 1.5 hours after the start and end times.  For pre-made work, this applies to the time we will be working to prepare the package.
  • Top quality home-compostable EcoBalloons.  We recommend sending them back to us after about 6 weeks , with the delivery bags, for a $20 store credit.  Or wait about 6 weeks for the air to escape, cut them into thin strips and put them in your home compost. 
  • Classed as brown-matter, just like bark and wood, EcoBalloons may take some time to break down completely, just give them time in a composting.

Terms and Conditions

  • The due date/cancellation date is two weeks prior to the first day of the event.
  • Bookings assume a 15 minute break per hour, taken together or separately as the event works out.
  • Fire Entertainment requires a 20 minute break per hour and this includes safety checks on equipment, the fuel area and safety devices.
  • If at any stage, a risk to people or property arises, we reserve the right to cease work immediately, until the risk is removed or managed to a level acceptable to us.  Full payment is still required in the unlikely event this term is invoked, as safety is always the most important focus.
  • Balloon Decor is charged by the time involved to create the decor.  Basic care will allow it to remain as fabulous as when first created.
  • Zero-Waste Decor includes our return after your event to pack down the installation, we will reuse/recycle all framing and components and re-purpose/compost all balloons used.
  • Bookings details are to be agreed prior to purchasing via the cart.