Household Electricity Audit


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Not sure why your home is using so much power?  Let us find out for you, and take back control over your power bill.

  •  This service is conducted by phone and requires temporary access to your power bills and consumption data held by your power company.
  • We will ask lots of questions! With enough answers and data, we then build a profile of how much power your property should be using, and importantly, the maximum amount it should use.
  • We then look at whether this profile matches the power consumption.  If it does not, we will ask further questions and may ask for some tasks to completed over a number of days to find where the discrepancy may be.
  • Not all households are suitable for this service, and some weeks we are at full capacity.  Please phone us with your recent power bills and consumption data to hand.  We can then advise at the time if your household is suitable and our capacity is available prior to purchase.


  • We will need to speak to people who live in the house, and especially those who spend the most time in the house.
  • Sometimes our conclusions can be challenging, especially regarding heating systems including hot water and pools.  We can provide processes for simple manual tests to carry out to confirm or rule out any conclusions.
  • Properties with metered gas can be included in this audit, however it takes more time than electricity and more involvement by the household in taking readings and other steps.  This also applies to electricity accounts where half hourly readings are not available.
  • Sometimes, manual tests carried out over several days or weeks to provide the best results.