Zero-Waste Supermarket Decor



  • Up to 6 Giant EcoBalloon Sculptures, Choose one or more from Hot Chips, Cupcake, Pint of Beer, Carrot, Pineapple and Ice-Cream Cone.
  • One Entranceway EcoArch, up to 8 linear metres in two colours.
  • Up to two EcoBalloon garlands, up to 8 metres each.

Almost all decor will be built on-site, and requires a site visit, reasonable planning time and a full H&S plan by Charles.  For more details Email Charles at

Terms and Conditions

  • The due date/cancellation date is two weeks prior to the first day of the event.
  • Bookings assume a 15 minute break per hour, taken together or separately as the event works out.
  • Fire Entertainment requires a 20 minute break per hour and this includes safety checks on equipment, the fuel area and safety devices.
  • If at any stage, a risk to people or property arises, we reserve the right to cease work immediately, until the risk is removed or managed to a level acceptable to us.  Full payment is still required in the unlikely event this term is invoked, as safety is always the most important focus.
  • Balloon Decor is charged by the time involved to create the decor.  Basic care is expected to allow it to remain as fabulous as when first created.
  • Zero-Waste Decor includes our return after your event to pack down the installation, we will reuse/recycle all framing and components and re-purpose/compost all balloons used.
  • Bookings details are to be agreed with us prior to purchasing via the cart.